by Philos60
aka Volker Zdunnek

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MUSIC - the language of the world
Love & Art - Music
Musical Relativity

The Internet as 'uterus' for mp3-music

When is Music genuine?

What’s The Impact Of Lyrics On Music?

Sex is not absolute necessary to fall in love,
but love is the best prerequesite to have sex
without doubts & problems...
Sex without love is a mutual masturbation.

in the middle of your heart,
in the center of your brain
as the sense of your life!

Good Reasons for Musical Improvisations

- Aphorism -

Sexual love is a prosthesis of the heart.
One who frequently changes partners, fears love.
Sexual power does not guarantee love,
but one who loves, has more of it.
Whoever forces love, destroys it.
Never bewail the lack of love,
but give love without complaining.
Humans do not need love, in order to have success,
but to have found love is to be rich in heart.
Whoever has wealth without love,
has poverty of the heart.
Hate and love are enormous powers between
human beings,
but only love can overcome hate.
Hate destroys the individual,
but love can save a community.
Humans need three things: thoughts,
senses and the passion of full love.


- Freedom is the mother of justness.
- Peace is the twin of freedom.
- Truth is the essence of freedom.
- Nous is the might of freedom.
- Artistry is the shape of freedom.
- Music is the language of freedom.
- Philosophy is the affection of freedom.
- Idea is an element of freedom.
- Hope is a dream of freedom.
- Faith is the force of freedom.
- Right is the victory of freedom.
- Wisdom is the crown of freedom.

On top of all stands LOVE,
because FREEDOM & PEACE are children of LOVE.

What About Musical Taste?

The Music World In Flux

Who Needs MP3 Reviews And Internet Charts?

What do you think about "self-praise"...?
Reasons for self-promotion


Thoughts are forces,

which affect the development of humans substantially.
Humans become what they think.
Since the world is polar,
thoughts are also opposite:
positive or negative, constructing or destroying.
Negative influences can be overcome
by positive thoughts.