Good Reasons for Musical Improvisation

The world of data processing and communication
(press, broadcast, film, television, InterNet)
is overcrowded with purposeful and plannedrepresentations
of desirable or also deliberately frightful illusory worlds
(advertisement, horror films, Science Fiction).

Spontaneous, natural, genuine and unplanned expression forms
e.g. in music and art are devalued in the commercial world
as incalculable and as having no guarantee of success.

Spontaneous musical improvisations in comparison with constructed
and orchestrated music have special unmistakeable
and estimable characteristics:

1. The individual's different musical ability becomes audible.

2. The emotional tendency of the musician is authentically     

3. A continuous and coherent "tune painting" once created,  
causes natural attention from the listeners by reason
of its unique character and impact.

4. Personal musical expression in an improvisation is unique
and demonstrates the the individual's characteristics,
and the style of the musician shows appreciation for the
listeners and their taste and character.

5. According to a listener's experience, the musical sympathy
engendered by an original and genuine feeling presented
by an improvised song, is more easily and more frequently
possible than with a "patchwork of music".

The MUSICAL IMPROVISATION is in the world of music only ONE of several
expressions of such art, but for musicians it deserves a much higher attention,
because of the "personal note" it gives to the musician.

Philos60 aka Volker Zdunnek
Jan. 8, 2003