The Music World In Flux

The music industry is interested obviously only to that, which can be sold with profit. In order to find this out, the consumer behavior and sales figures are analyzed.

The commercial product 'music piece' has to meet the taste of the broad mass as far as possible. As probably most know here, the musical taste of the mass is not just fastidious. Thus many music pieces of the amateurs and independents remain unheard and undiscovered.

If there were such a thing like an "education broadly put on in the music", the musical formation level of the mass could possibly raise gradually. But this seems to be an utopia.

As a side effect of the free mp3 Internet offer more and more users can listen to new music, which they normally do not get via radio or tv. This influence of the Internet on the musical taste of the listeners is not to be underestimated. It seems to be, that the music industry just suffers from turnover losses, because a new music culture is arising by the InterNet gradually, which rejects the outdated, sterile and flattened commercial music offer.

A majority of the music need is already covered by the world-wide free mp3 offer, and the listeners discover new "sounds & rhythms", which extend their musical horizon. The "attraction novelty" changes the taste. The young generation, which grow up now along with the InterNet, will essentially determines the musical consumer behavior in the future.

The music industry should follow this trend. Perhaps also a change of the management of the music industry is necessary by the new generation....?

Volker Zdunnek a.k.a. Philos60