The Internet as 'uterus' for mp3-music...

Don't worry, the following is an allegory...*keep smiling*
The Internet for mp3-music is like a large "uterus" for music
development. Songs and unknown artists are like
"egg-cells" or "seed", which hope for its "fertilization",
development, birth and its surviving in the material world.

Many hundreds of new tracks are placed daily within the
Internet, which can be compared rather with the
"spreading of spores or seed in nature" as with a "fertilized
egg-cell", which develops then in the "lap" of the Internet.
Many of this daily "formation of spores" are as in free nature
a dissipation for the kind preservation,
which never comes to a fertilization nor to a viable and
successful existence.

If new and inexperienced artists take all this into account
before starting their "career", they could avoid early enough
a lot of illusions and unnecessary disappointments.
The Internet nevertheless offers a world-wide possibility for
new and good talents rather and faster than with traditional
means, to be discovered for a reasonable career.

Philos60...excuse my English...I'm German