Love & Art - Music

Who visits the "red light environment to get face-to-face sevice" and needs porn film and appropriate photos to get "happy", is most likely sexually unsatisfied. Or while surfing as a chatter within the InterNet it is hardly unavoidable not to be influenced and confronted with verbal and visualized chatting-up, which turns on one's sexual and erotic phantasy. Such a sexual/erotic "psyched" phantasy looks for ways of exiting satisfaction: needs to have interpersonal live practice. Human imaginativeness is almost inexhaustible also there, if it concerns to fulfill erotic and/or sexual demand extensively.

At the latest since Sigmund Freud it is well-known that unsatisfied sexuality - also mentioned as libido - is converted - sublimated - into artistic or cultural achievements by artistic talented people. Carving for love and the focused "desired subject" always inspired poets, painters and musicians to create their works dedicated to the "loved subject". However most likely also the reversal of this realization applies: Who is sexually totally satisfied has no lust to write poetry, to paint or to create new music... maybe only to do his job by playing his standard repertoire without enthusiasm.

A troubadour of past times could express directly live by singing at the sight of a beautiful court lady his passionated longing and could immediately assume the female smile as applause and affirmation. Today, with the multimedia technology & the InterNet there are many more possibilities to get the desired "applause". But at a live gig standing ovation is an impressing unforgettable satisfaction for the musician. Who makes thrilled music and harvests applause, gets directly satisfaction of one's needs. Thus it does not surprise, that a musician shouts to the audience: "I love you all"... and prompt a quantity of unsatisfied longing and demand is transformed into pleasant and euphonious sound and applause. The desire and urge for repetition of this can become a musical addiction... Perhaps one or the other musician hits one's peak on stage...

Volker Zdunnek aka Philos60
Bergheim - April 3, 2004