What do you think about "self-praise"...?
Reasons for self-promotion

A German proverb says (directly translated): "self-praise stinks".
But if you are an unkown or not well-known musician with less money
you are not willing to pay for promotion by others.
You think about "house advertising - self-praise", but you are not sure for this?
There are pros and cons!
Due to the fact of millions of tracks uploaded on different web sites / OMDs,
who should know your songs among this bulk of music in so many different genres?

I experienced that listeners get catched by promotion on the main pages of web sites.
They appreciate easy access and listening without many clicks.
The American behaviour shows me doubtless any type of self-promotion without hesitation,
but in Europe it's more ore less oppressed.
Due to "decent education" and public opinion especially in Germany,
self-praising is defied. I think, this is now out-dated within the InterNet.
Not to do any self-promotion is of "false modesty", I would say.
But it is a question of HOW I promote myself... my songs?
I would not recommend to praise yourself as the greatest, best or unique musician.
Nevertheless I would tell my potential listeners some good reasons to listen to
my music.
This could be: a rare method of making music, a special sound discovered,
a fruitful colaboration with other artists.
Not to forget the background story of the song which can awake curiosity of listeners.
You may find out many other plausible reasons to do "house advertising - self-praise".

Volker Zdunnek a.k.a. Philos60