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Lynne Taylor Bribie, Australia Oct. 24, 2009 In The Name Of Love based on my keyboard/vocal improvisation at Nov. 5, 1999:
In The Name Of Love
Rachel Nusbaumer Switzerland July 16, 2007 Can't Forget You
Collab Song
based on guitar song improvisation, live recorded
April 9, 1993:
Can't Forget You
Mike Burn Germany May 2007 *Cheyenna* based on guitar song improvisation in sound studio
of Mike Burn, Frankfurt, May 10th, 2007.
Sonia Milan Italy July/August 2006 *Voice Of Baroque Air* based on instrumental improvisation *Nouveau Entrée* - Baroque Air - Tyros2 recording on Jan.12th 2006.
Vikki Flawith Canada May. 2005 *Dreaming Love - a Tapestry* based on keyboard improvisation *Dreaming Love* - Ballad Love Song Instrumental - YAMAHA PSR-2000 - July 18th 2004 - in Bergheim/Germany.
Eva Schmidt aka Zichy Germany Dec. 30th, 2003 Nicotine Drag Of Death This is a total vocalistic and instrumental improvisation: Vocals in German improvised simultaneously by Eva Schmidt together with keyboard improvisation by Volker Zdunnek aka Philos60 at the same time and location in Germany, Dec. 30th, 2003.
Lisa Tunnah UK Oct. 2003 to Febr. 2004 *Quadrology Thanatos & Eros* based on 4 keyboard improvisations, Thanatos & Eros 1-4, recorded live Oct. 2001 in Bergheim/Germany.