Collaboration with
Rachel Nusbaumer

Collab Song
"Can't Forget You"

Online Collaboration
with Rachel Nusbaumer in June and July 2007

We got in touch via forum in June 2007.
I asked for collaboration and demonstrated all my collaborations since 2003.

Rachel Nusbaumer told me her willingness for online collaboration.
She selected one of my guitar songs: "Can't Forget You".

Why? She wrote:
"I have always loved the music of Philos60.
When he asked me about a collab, this was a great honour for me.
I chose "Can't forget you" because of its sweetness.
The guitar perfectly fits the warmness of Philos60 voice.
Because it has only voice and guitar,
I thought I could add my own touch and add something to this song.
Working on this song was very interesting and I loved this experience.
I thank Philos60 for the great opportunity he gave m

I knew Rachel Nusbaumer music already before

her Homepage

First of all I listened to her music without knowing her biography to evaluate her music only.
I discovered a strong influence of classical music.
She composes serious music pieces with jazzy or trendy beats
and casually combined with techno / trance sound
It's precise and professional done electronical music
produced by dedicated computer hardware and software.

My personal impressions:
Her compositions causes solved melancholic mood and feeling with tragic accents.
I feel, that she makes authentic music to reflect and treat her inner life
in front of real daily circumstances and events.
It seems to me a way to overcome successfully critical real life situations.
It helps me, and I'm sure others too, to compensate disharmonious real life events.
It's music to get rid of worries and sorrow.

For me it's quite evident, that she has selected my song "Can't Forget You",
because the reason why I've played the totally improvised guitar song in 1993
is said obviously by the song title...

She enriched the pure guitar play and singing with string orchestra and flute,
which perfectly fits to the mood of "Can't Forget You"...
I'm very glad and grateful to have this collab song available
for this internet presentation in July 2007.

Many thanks to Rachel Nusbaumer for this felicitous collab song.

Philos60 - July 17th, 2007 - Germany