Phil Frazier


"Phil Frazier is an artist who reaches out. His music covers more genres
than Clear Channels does in most markets. He's good with titles and ideas.
He comes equipped with a songwriting sensibility that will carry
a song through Nashville, Liverpool or Memphis- and he ain't walkin' in the rain, baby!
He brought his Strat. In touring through the American lanscape on the Frazier Scenic ByWay,
we're taking the off road. And, we're stopping at every Waffle Ranch and Honky Tonk
 on the way in our old red Pickup truck. She's beautiful, she's red,
and she'll probably be giving you a lift when your international multi-conglomerate,
homogenized, cookie-cuttin', top 40 sampled ass drum loop is stuck in the gully up around the bend!
Phil make's me want to get out in my car and see America, and not on an interstate." Bob Gatewood.