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"Maybe you found your way here from another website,
maybe you just happened upon this site by chance.
However you got here, I hope you enjoy browsing these pages
and listening to the music contained therein."

LiSA is a singer songwriter from the UK.
She has written in excess of 100 songs,
and has so far recorded 30 for your listening pleasure.

They are as diverse as they are memorable.

Her influences range from artists such as Mike Oldfield,
David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac
and Bob Dylan,
right through to new age bands such as Enigma
and more recent sensations,
Coldplay, Travis, Turin Brakes
and Tom McRae.

LiSA has a unique style and individual sound,
so if you enjoy strong and memorable lyrics
combined with powerful melodic vocals
then you will undoubtedly want to stay a while.

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