IB: How do you approach songwriting and What influences you? Do you have a visual image in your mind as the song is composed, or does that come afterwards as a result of the song?

My music is based on spontaneous inspiration and expressed immediately by a musical improvisation. Vocals, melody, instrumental playing and rhythm are improvised at the same time and recorded live. I call this TVI-Music: Total Vocalistic Improvisation. The main influence is only inspiration by daily life and experiences in feeling and mood. I don't have any image in mind to plan and create a new song. If the time is ripe for improvisation, which I don't know in advance, I'm urged to make music spontaneously by improvisation, based on strong feeling. After recording and listening to my new musical "extrusion", I remember the situation of feeling with visual associations. Based on this reflections afterwards I find the song title and song image. During my improvisations I'm in trance...
IB: What's your philosophy on music today?

I've defined some aphorisms concerning my philosophy of music:

* MUSIC - the language of Freedom worldwide
* MUSIC does not need a translator. It provides understanding directly.
* MUSIC does not know any borders. It serves as communication between people.
* MUSIC resists suppression. It releases and expresses feelings directly.
* MUSIC cannot be forbidden by anyone. It conquers the hearts of people world-wide.
***My personal philosophy is to make 100% authentic music despite of any actual musical trends. I don't care about the requests of the commercial music industry. I would like to convince the listeners by original mood and feeling, which one can have in normal life like LOVE...
IB: Tell us about you, when did you begin writing songs ?

I discovered my musical talent very early on, when at the age of 5 I got my first MOUTH ORGAN. There was no money for other musical instruments like guitars after the Second World War. Nobody trained me, but I learned through trial and error. At the time I played folk songs on my MOUTH ORGAN.

When I was 14 years old, a dream was fulfilled: I got a MANDOLIN from my uncle (my father died during the war). I learned it by playing whatever I could. When my uncle listened to my mandolin playing, he was so impressed, that he supported me having 2 years training on VIOLIN at a music school. The VIOLIN was a gift at Christmas, when I was 16 years old.

But my real dream was a GUITAR, which I bought second-hand when I was 17. Again, I taught myself to play the instrument. So, I have developed my own guitar style and "Total Vocalistic Improvisation", I call it, when even the language is made up during the playing of any melody I've in mind and from feelings at the time. Later, when I was about 40 years old, I started to learn the KEYBOARDS, again by myself. The results you can now all hear.

After ca. 35 years business within computer industry as product manager I retired in 2002. Playing music was all the time my hobby. Now I've the time to "publish" my songs within the Internet, which I've recorded during the last 13 years. Before that time, the recorded songs were of bad quality, due to missing good equipment.
IB: How many projects are you currently involved in?

As explained before, I don't plan any projects. But it happened in the past, that after announcement of new songs, I got contact to singers for collaborations.

If you wish, see here two collaborations:

I'm always ready for further collaborations based on available songs.

IB: What's your long-term goals?

Maybe readers and listeners are disappointed to read here, that I’ve no specific plan, but I’m sure to improvise further on and improve my skills and musical capability. Due to the fact that I’m not dependent on any commercial success, I rely on my musical creativity to reach the hearts of more people someday.

IB: How did you get into music/songwriting?

I think, it's a genetic talent I discovered very early when I was 5 years old. I love music from the very beginning with the urge to make my own music.
IB: How long have you been performing?

I've been playing GUITAR and singing with freestyle fantasy language about 46 years in total, and KEYBOARD since 25 years.

IB: What other artists/songwriters do you admire? And inspired you the most early on?

I'm fascinated by classical music like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Smetana, Dvorak, Haydn and Antonio Vivaldi. I like easy listening and hits too: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Elton John and Robbie Williams... But I cannot say that they inspired me directly while improvising by songs.
IB: What do you want out of life?

Love, health, freedom and peace for the rest of my life.

IB: What is the most important lesson you think you have learned so far?

Love is for me the most important value of life. Because of lost love in my life, I learned to overcome missing love by music and by approving my empathy and selfless engagement in concrete relationships. Love inspires me to higher creativity and dedication.
IB: Where do you want to be in the future?

Perfection of life in terms of love, health, financial independence and musical approach are my challenge for the rest of my life. I'm close to reach this higher value of life.
IB: How many of your songs are 'instant' songs and how many are channelled?

All my 156 songs/music pieces up to now are 'instant' songs.
IB: Tell us about your latest project?

Referring to the context of my philosophy of life and musical improvisational approach, I don't recognize my musical work as 'projects'. All my songs are spontaneously originated creations of my musical nature like a godsend.
IB: Is There anything else you would like to add?

My overall philosophy of life:


- Freedom is the mother of justness. - Peace is the twin of freedom. - Truth is the essence of freedom. - Esprit is the might of freedom. - Artistry is the shape of freedom. - Music is the language of freedom. - Philosophy is the affection of freedom. - Idea is an element of freedom. - Hope is a dream of freedom. - Faith is the force of freedom. - Right is the victory of freedom. - Wisdom is the crown of freedom.

On top of all stands LOVE, because FREEDOM & PEACE are children of LOVE

Volker Zdunnek aka Philos60


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