Daniel Iorio

Daniel is a veteran singer/songwriter from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
He has 15 years experience and has numerous accomplishments under his artistic belt.
Having been the front man for local band 'ecclestone' for 7 years,
he's had the oppurtunity to open up for such acts as April Wine, Nazareth,Yes and Mudmen.
The band have two independently released albums.
Ecclestone were also voted #1 band twice on California based web-site "Makeastar.com".
The band will also be featured on the website's two 'Best Of' compilation CD's.
Although ecclestone and he have since parted ways, he continues to write and record his songs.
'Out on a Bend' & 'Rogue' are just some 'off the cuff' samples
done live in a studio as preproduction.
You will also get to hear some rough home demos as well
as material he did with his former band, ecclestone.
His influences vary from roots music to alternative.
Beatles, Travis, Pink Floyd, Blues, Daniel Lanois, Led Zep, Portishead,
The Doors and U2 are just a few he's learned his chops from.