Iris Ann Barclay

Composer & Pianist
Henning Kalow aka CRESCENDO

Study in the specialist area music production in Frankfurt.
He works as music teacher for key
as well as composer and producer
for the film and promotion


Listen to his
Piano Dreams

1. Piano Dreams 1
2. Post Horn Gallop
3. Morning Dew
4. Piano Dreams 2

South African lyricist Naomi Dayani is collaborating
with German composer Henning Kalow aka CRESCENDO on two current projects:
The first is a rock symphony in three parts: The Plea, Ignorance, and Illustrations.

Naomi Dayani
Lyricist from Johannesburg South Africa
the 4th place winner of the international
country music contest 2001 USA.
She got over a 100 lyrics on different styles and issue.
She writes lyrics to music and just lyrics with out the music.


The second project is entitled "Heaven... Stars... Moon and more"
and it is comprised of four songs with German interpreter: Iris Ann Barclay.

Lyrics: Naomi Dayani
Listen to 4th Song

1. Night Memory
2. Tanning In the Moonlight
3. Silver Moon
4. Voice From Heaven

Iris Ann Barclay:
Had sung for three years classical music
in the extra choir of the opera house Nuernberg
before she starts her solo career.
Her voice is classically trained and is also employed
in the Rock/Pop area.