Steve Andrews aka Bard of Ely 
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Artist description
Vocals and guitar on solo work, with a full band for some recordings and performance. Steve is not afraid to experiment and his music embraces very many styles from acoustic folk through to electronic techno and dance. His solo performances are always uniquely entertaining and involve a lot of showmanship and audience participation.
Music Style
Eclectic pop/rock/folk
Musical Influences
John Lennon, Neil Young, Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Marc Bolan, Bob Marley, Incredible String Band, Van Morrison, Roy Harper, Syd Barrett
Similar Artists
Neil Young, John Lennon
Artist History
Steve has been writing and performing his songs for the last decade. He has had releases on all formats and has won much critical acclaim for his music and performance. He has played countless gigs including Glastonbury on three occsions. His music has received radio airplay all over the world and has alas been used several times on British Tv programmes including Family Affairs on C5
Group Members
Steve Andrews
Vocals and guitar
Kingfishing and More, Barleycorn Now & Bardic Vision
Press Reviews
Steve Andrews - "Kingfishing & More" - CD Album Review This is the kind of music that makes you stop and think, "Wow, that's real !". Steve is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has the unique knack of creating a real sonic mood in each of his songs. Each one is rich in emotion like the beautiful ballad "Girl Singer." Some make you smile, like "Rubber Ducky", and songs like "Peter" have an ethereal quality that silence the rest of the world to really make you think "Kingfishing" stands out in a class of it's own to shine as an example to any would-be composer. Excellent orchestration and a casual singing style blend in a unique way I haven't heard since Howard Jones. It's like a "Best Of" from works he has created over the years, and you can feel the life of experience in every lyric. Heartfelt music from the Steve Andrews, Bard Of The Realm, is definitely a CD you should own, as it creates it's own temporal timezone around the listener. Spellbinding stuff, nice one Steve !!! Review by BigHairyKev! @ Dizzy Lug'ole Records.Bard Of Ely Title: Kingfishing | Few artists have the nerve to add a kazoo to their music, but Steve Andrews, AKA Bard Of Ely does. I found that to be very cool right off. The thing is, Steve doesn't stop there. His music is filled with unconventional instruments and strange sounds. The music has a singer/songwriter appeal to it with a quirky sort of new wave pop feel. This is definitely music that is hard to label. That uniqueness is something that will generate much appreciation. There is so much going on with this music. It's sort of an experimental style of pop that is blended with a humor and substance. If there is one constant with the music on this album, it's the fact that it's definitely attention grabbing. The strangeness has a big part in that. - Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM Song Pick: Superhero - (Good song with quirky lyrics.) TAFFIA Don’t cross this man: he holds a grudge for a very long time. Although we received this track some weeks back, it harps on about that memorable (for one reason or another) night in the Millennium Stadium on New Years Eve 1999! Taffia, along with 60 thousand other revellers, was so annoyed with the alcohol arrangement he felt compelled to right this song. And, as it takes the lanky, cross-dressing bass player down a peg or two, we thought you’d like it. You're A Liar. - BBC Radio One Session in Wales Reviews
Cardiff, N - United Kingdom